7Jimmy BurmaTE, DL1377
8TJ PaulWR, RB, DB1167
10EJ Big EagleQB, WR, DB14012
22Josh VanHeuvelenWR, RB, DB1459
25Iver PaulOL, RB, LB14512
28Teigan ClarkQB, RB, LB15512
35Everett PaulWR, RB, LB14011
40Daniel GerbrachtWR, RB, LB1409
44Tristan BoardmanRB, LB, DB1409
50Nolan TriebwasserOL, DL1709
55Gage DavisOL, DL16811
62Cole BealsOL, DL20512
70Owan WatsonOL, DL1607
75Garrett DavisOL, DL21012
79Bradley HunterOL, DL26610
88Jade BurmaTE, DL, DB17912
95Dylan HassTE, DB, LB1769


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